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Ep. 82: Sixty Five Years Of Marriage And Counting…

So this past week ,we spent time with friends and family in Dallas.

With it being Father’s Day weekend, we especially couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slide through our grandparent’s house.

Those moments  are rare.

This month they will celebrate 65 YEARS of marriage- that’s like a lifetime..right?

So, of course, in true Buckley form, we asked them for a quick interview so we could share with you some of the nuggets they often share with us behind closed doors.

We promised them it would be short and simple, and we would only ask ONE main question.

You’re gonna want to hear about it and how they’re still rockin’ with each other through businesses and losing children and so much more…

It’s pretty powerful.

Check out episode #82 of the MarriedpreneurLife Podcast and let us know your biggest takeaway over in your IG stories. Just tag us at MarriedpreneurLife

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.S. You really WILL be encouraged by their amazing insight! Whatever you two are facing, you’ll realize that it’s all par for the course and even greater days await..keep goin’ fam