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Ep. 81: When he stops pulling his weight- a wife’s POV

We’re gonna take you behind the scenes of some VERY transparent convos we’ve had over the years… and we STILL have these convos…

Ever since the hubby got fired about six years ago, we’ve had the saaaame conversation about him pulling his weight, BUT it’s not the same section of the thread.

We move along.

Different seasons require different parts of this convo to resurrect.

Although he’s no longer dealing with his new identity as an entrepreneur, he does sometimes get so laser focused in one area of the business that he may drop another (important area) and I pick that part up.

It’s ok the first few times, but the moment I feel that he thinks it’s supposed to be that way, I have to speak up.

In episode #81 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we are GOING there…well, actually I’M going there since I’m doing this one solo mode….and you’ll see why.

I have a feeling that I’m not the only wife who has ever felt taken for granted, so that’s why I’m sharing how we deal with those seasons and have seen tremendous change over the years.

In this episode, I’m giving you a fly-on-the wall-ear-hustling-kind-of insight of:

  • Why getting stopped by the police revealed to me how severely my husband was dealing with his identity as an entrepreneur (not to mention this came from an inappropriate question asked by the officer… I was livid.)
  • The unexpected blessing of me feeling taken for granted… it’s not what you think.
  • How our super recent confrontational convo about me still feeling the same way went down, and why I’m proud of my husband more than ever.

Man, this one is a real-one…just like the others but different though.

I’d really like to hear your feedback too… Let us know your thoughts over in the comments area or in IG stories – that would be dope.

Thanks in advance.



P.s. If you know of another marriedpreneur couple who can benefit from this goodness, I really don’t mind if you share it… 🙂