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Ep. 80: Separation Time…

By the time you read this, it’s likely that we would have just landed our flight to Dallas. This trip is coming off the heels of some of our most intense seasons in business yet.

We just finished our beta Love and Launch 10 Week Intensive- and it was just that…


A few weeks ago I (Sway) made a choice to step away from the business…not permanently though…just for a few days (which felt very permanent at the time).

I flew down to Florida to stay in a beautiful villa with mostly strangers who became sister/friends. We had private chefs, yoga, nutrition classes, beauty regiments, and some serious spiritual breakthrough.

I was so serious about stepping away for the time I was gone that when clients and prospects pre-scheduled convos with us- I canceled them all.

I chose ME this time.

Both the hubby and I have different experiences, of course, but in episode 80 we want to take you behind the scenes of how we prepped for this time of separation (and how we’ll prep for future ones too). There were some clear frameworks and understandings we needed to have in place in order to make it work.

We believe every marriedpreneur couple should engage in this kind of separation on a regular basis.

You may be surprised at the incredible results.

Check out the episode, and let us know if you’ve ever separated ‘on purpose.’


Sway (+ O.L.)