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Ep. 78: When Your Expectations Oppose Your Desire

Not too long ago we were a part of a training session that totally changed how we pursued our goals. Myron Golden laid down some serious knowledge in how we can use our expectations to skyrocket our productivity.

He shared tons of strategies, but we just started implementing one.  

We saw results pretty quickly, and so we started teaching it to our coaching clients.

Yesterday, we had a check-in/training with them and EVERY SINGLE ONE of our clients is experiencing RECORD breaking results with this one strategy!

So, we KNEW it was time for us to dive into with you.

We want to see you two WINNING too!

Whether you’ve reached multiple 7 figures, or if you’re just starting out, this principle will 10x your mindset and production.

Here’s the jest of it: Desire and Expectation are NOT the same!

You get what you expect.

But you don’t always get what you desire.

The goal is to align your desire with your expectation.

It takes skill and practice.

We’ve created a podcast episode to share practical ways we’ve implemented this principle with you. It’s episode #78 and it’s called When Your Expectations Oppose Your Desire.

We’re rootin’ for you,