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Ep. 75: Marriedpreneur Morning Routines (the last 30 days)

I never bought into morning routines much.

Sway always had morning routines… well, she’s a morning person.  I guess you can tell by the flow of sentence that I AM NOT…lol

We’ve all heard and read memes on IG about how important it is to own the morning.

But is this true, and does it have any merit?

We’ve seen major changes to our business and marriage over the last 30 days as we’ve merged and honed our morning routine down to a ‘science.’

But that meant that I had to get waaay out of my entrepreneurial comfort zone.

So, how did I make a practice of doing something that I didn’t think was connected to our business or our overall well-being?

If our businesses were going to thrive, then we have to thrive.  Moreover, if our marriage was going to thrive, then how we spent our time was going to have to count.

That’s where our conversation had to match our commitment ( that went for both of us).

“It’s all about the commitment.”

In episode 75 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, We’re sharing the power we’ve gained just in the last 30 days with our Morning Success Routine.  We’re sure that this is directly connected to us being on pace for our first 7-figure year!

Here’s a few highlights from episode 75…

  • What is a Marriedpreneur morning routine?
  • How is it connected to your ability to grow and scale your businesses?
  • Does scaling our business require both of us to share the same morning routine?

Check out this episode and share one element of your morning routine as married entrepreneurs…

Let’s get it!!

P.s. If you’re seeking step-by-step help on implementing our Marriedpreneur Map, apply to work with us at