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Ep. 74: How Your Differences Can Explode Your Businesses

There’s a thin line between passion and frustration!

It’s the same, thin line between business and entrepreneurship.

When Sway & I started working together in ‘business’, we were stepping on each other’s toes and there was definite points of frustration.  It’s funny how just a slight difference in views can make working with your spouse frustrating.

No doubt, it’s because you’re both passionate!

I know we saw things differently…and still do to some degree.

Sway has been an entrepreneur the entire 20 years I’ve known her.

(The one time she worked for a company, she later convinced them to bring her on as a consultant..she can’t help herself…lol)

I always worked a 9-to-5 until 6 years ago and came into entrepreneurship as a ‘business person.’

This was the point of tension for us at  times.

It came down to our different viewpoints.

All viewpoints are pre-wired and shaped by our experiences.

Your views on the ‘business’ will either make you profitable and peaceful or stuck in business with no growth.

In episode 74 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re getting right down to how we made our different perspectives work so we could scale our business and enjoy the journey together.

Here’s a few highlights from episode 74…

  • Why you two are different and what that means for your business
  • How to embrace the business person vs entrepreneurship differences
  • Where your secret to scaling your business lies

This episode will show you how Sway and I leverage our differences, and how you two can build some even more amazing together!

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