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Ep. 73: Real Growth Requires Growing Pains

Sway: This year, we’re on track to hit 7 figures. Crazy.


But this level of rapid growth is bringing real growth pains (which we welcome)!

O.L: One of my old business associates called me and told me he had a TON of new business for me. Another guy we worked with in the past blew it with his clients which resulted in me getting all of the overflow.

Sway: This means that my time is in higher demand and MUST BE restructured.

Our business systems and time discipline are definitely being tested.

O.L.: Marriedpreneur Life is flourishing,  it feels like we’re being stretched on all fronts.

2019 has shown itself to be unpredictable already, and it’s only May.

This means we’re feeling the stretch in not just business but also our marriage more than ever before.

So, how do we sustain the growth and make the best decisions for our marriage and our businesses?

That’s where our recent conversation came in.

Sway reminded me about the importance of time tracking and prioritizing rest (even if it’s in the middle of the day).

In episode 73 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing how we’re managing this season of growth with strategic forms of discipline.

Here’s a few highlights from episode 73…

  • What we’re doing to maintain less stress even at high rates of growth on and offline
  • The MOST critical areas to watch over as your business may not be what you think.
  • What growing pains are telling you about your business (they tell you more about yourself than you may think…)

We’re excited to start documenting our journey with you guys again!

We hope this episode will not just motivate but inspire you to continue to forward!

P.s. If you’re seeking step-by-step help on implementing our Marriedpreneur Map, apply to work with us at