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Ep. 72: BTS Marriedpreneur Map Step #8

Do you ever find yourself tethered to your laptop trying to grind it out?  

It’s funny (kinda) earlier this month I told Sway that I wasn’t sure I was breathing.  She said, hmm sounds like you’re taking shallow breaths.  

I said yep, that’s it!  

Have you ever done that?  It’s like you ‘forgot to breathe.’  

Lately, Sway and I have been on a roll when it comes to stepping away from our work in the middle of the day.  This has proven so rewarding, and I feel like it’s helped us to be more productive.  

Actually, a huge part of why we’ve been able to step out and take extended lunches is because of scaling and ascending.  We’re less involved with the day-to-day which has helped us to work more on the business instead mostly working in the business.  

Whew, talk about a game-changer!  

Today was all about lunch with my wife and mom-in-love as we sat in the sun on the patio enjoying fresh lemonade, burgers and great conversation.  I’m not even going to try and explain how awesome those grass-fed burgers were….WOW!  

Normally, this would’ve been much tougher to do without systems and structure.  In fact, if you two plan on scaling your business – the time to implement a system that will support that growth is yesterday.  

In episode 72 of The Marriedpreneurlife Podcast, we’re sharing how we went from being tethered to our laptops to mid-day lunches all while converting more of our dream clients. BOOM! This is step 8 of the Marriedpreneur Map.  

Here’s a few highlights from episode 72… 

  • Why your website and business email technically isn’t a sustainable system for high ticket offers?
  • What do you do if your business has plateaued and stopped growing?
  • If you don’t do this one thing, you’ll never scale…it’s not what you think.

This is our final BTS episode and our hope is that these last 8 talks have given you guys some great insight on launching, growing and scaling together!

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We love hearing your takeaways after each episode.

We are rooting for you two!

Keep going.

Here’s to living powerfully in sync and in profit,

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