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Ep. 71: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 7 Continuity

It’s a common mistake for many married entrepreneurs especially when they’ve been working so hard on perfecting their ‘core offer.’

After years of missing the opportunity to serve our tribe more powerfully-we finally began learning and implementing our system for serving our clients on an ongoing basis through continuity programs.

If you two are looking for ongoing ways to serve your clients while producing a residual income stream (and you don’t have a solid continuity program in place) take a listen to episode 71 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast- it’s covering step #7 of our Marriedpreneur Map.

So, how do we continue to serve our existing clients with ongoing value beyond the core offer?

That’s where listening intently and carefully to our community came in.

Our community reminded us of where their challenges lie and how much they valued getting continuous gold from our experiences.

“It’s about the continuous gold you two are constantly learning along your journey.”

In episode 71 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing our key lessons into developing a continuity program with ease as we walk our clients through the same process we’re using.

Here are a few highlights from episode 71…

  • Does everyone need a continuity program?
  • The biggest common mistake when implementing continuity (it’s not what you think…)
  • Distinct roles for husbands and wives when implementing a new revenue stream (and why you need to be aware of these NOW!)

If you two are in the ‘market’ for implementing a new revenue stream, come through and get some insight on how we walk our clients through this exact steps so they can achieve more income AND more time freedom!

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Here’s to living powerfully in sync and in profit.

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