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Ep. 70: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 6 His & Her Sales

We literally were ready to throw in the towel.

Both of us.

It was right after doing our first big business launch and based on the poor results, we thought we miss understood what we were supposed to be doing (even though at one time it seemed so clear).

The big issue was we were looking for people to convert into leads but we were doing it all wrong!

There’s one thing we’ve learned about converting leads to clients who invest, that’s in the power of delivering real-time value.

Do you find that getting your market to actually engage and buy from you is a struggle?

Did a business coach/guru make you think that launching an online-only campaign was going to bring customers into your funnel?

We’ve heard the same sentiments as well, but that’s only half the story.

(Married entrepreneurs need a two-pronged approach to higher conversions and scaling.)

So, how do we attract more leads that actually convert, even though we’re just two people?

That’s where having a system and a strategy for getting directly in front of your market makes the difference.

I’ll borrow a quote from one of my coaches from years ago (Jonathan Sprinkles):

“Points are powerful but connection is key.”

If you’re going to convert more leads into clients – getting in front and connecting with your market has to be the bloodline of your efforts.

In episode 70 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re answering some of our top questions about getting higher conversions. This is step 6 in on our Marriedpreneur Map!

Here are a few questions we’ve answered in episode 70…

  • Why FB may not always be the best platform to start scaling.
  • Why you’re likely not charging enough and how that impacts your conversion rates.  
  • Husband and Wife Roles: Can anyone sale? And should we both play a role in the sales department?

We had such a great time sharing these gems with you guys. We are being more intentional about sharing content that will not solely help your business but content that will help you two operate your business together.

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