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Ep. 69: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 5 Lead Gen System

A few years back we created a track for Dallas’s Startup Week (at the time it was sponsored by CHASE bank). As leaders of the track, we had to wear several hats, including marketing for our track.

We set up radio, television and magazine interviews to cover the event.

We used the same visibility and traffic skills that we learned years earlier in our own business.

We had to work as a husband and wife team and divvy up our core team to get the job done.

As a result, we got TONS of organic (free) traffic from media visibility. We also ran FB ads to be more targeted with our audience.

The response was overwhelming.

In episode 69 of The Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re diving into Step #5 of the Marriedpreneur Map which is your CLGS. We’re sharing often overlooked strategies we use with our clients when they get to this step.

Here’s a few:

  • How to know which traffic will work best for your business.
  • What to expect in traction and response time within the first 30 days of incorporating new traffic streams
  • Steps to getting massive visibility for free and use it to build your CLGS. #gamechanger

If you’ve been searching for new strategies to generate the right leads on and offline and want to cut your ad cost by diversifying your traffic sources, definitely check out this episode!

P.s. If you’re seeking step-by-step help on implementing our Marriedpreneur Map, apply to work with us at