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Ep. 68: Cultivate

It wasn’t too long ago when I received an inbox ‘pimp marketing’ message from a fellow femalepreneur.  This inbox message boiled my blood to the point where I literally wanted to help the sis out.

She basically was like, “Hi! My business can help you. My rates are blah blah blah.”

I wanted to ignore it and not reply at first, but instead, I took precious time to speak back.

I said something along the lines of, “Hey! Hope your day is great. By the way, would you like to know about me and my business so you can know how to best serve me- if you can even serve me at all?”

Thankfully, she was receptive and immediately replied with an apology and explained how she actually needed help with her lead gen.

Wasn’t surprising at all.

But how many of us focus so deeply on selling that we overlook creating relationships that make it hard for our tribe to NOT buy from us? It may not be to the extent of this example, but you may be struggling with connecting with your market too.

In episode #68 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re sharing:

  • An easy way to know if you’re ‘pimp marketing’ without even knowing it (you may be shocked by this one)
  • How to create a cultivation system that nurtures your tribe and ascends them up your value ladder where they are asking you for more
  • How your husband and wife roles play a part in cultivating your business

This episode covers step 4 in the Marriedpreneur Marketing Map, and as always,  it’s full of golden nuggets.

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Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

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