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Ep.67: BTS of the Marriedpreneur Map Step3: Value Ladder

The toughest part about entrepreneurship has been removing ourselves the day-to-day so we could keep focused on the bigger vision.

For years, we got so bogged down with ‘maintenance’ that we weren’t profitable and we plateaued with our clients.

We had to learned how to implement systems and bring on team members to help execute.

( While this helped,something was still missing).

So, what was the plan keep the processes running while continuing to deliver transformation to our clients?

That’s where we had life our heads up from working in the business to start working on the business.  During this period one of our coaches emphasized the importance for us to have business model that would ascend our clients to greater value.

It’s all about the business model of delivering higher of levels of value.

In episode 67 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing our transition into thinking about our business as visionaries and value leaders – which means we’re talking all about the most important aspect of growing a more profitable business that we’ve created, to date.

Here’s a few highlights from episode 67…

  • What we’re doing differently as Marriedpreneurs in our business
  • What’s included in the The Marriedpreneur Map (i.e. The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint) that makes this possible
  • How we’re planning to scale and hit 7-figures (thanks to business model that gets away from the day-to-day tactics in the business)

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