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Ep. 66: Behind The Scenes Of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step #2 – Your Money Message

It was important for us to do it-but it didn’t come easy.

It was frustrating trying to communicate but NOT BE HEARD.

It was hard to serve at a high level, generate leads and make money without it.

Developing our message to call out our Tribe to time. It took more time than it should’ve because we didn’t know our who or how to speak their language.

One of the toughest things for us to do in business was [GET CLEAR ABOUT MARKET].

Early in the process we were targeting married couples. Not realizing how broad of a market Married couples were.

As time went on with great coaching we learned how to ASK and LISTEN to our market.

We learned who we DIDN’T want to work with as well as who we DID want to work with.

Most importantly, we learned who in our market has learned to cope with the pain… and we learned who truly wanted to get rid of the pain!

➡️ The first (and often overlooked) step in monetizing your message.
➡️ The single clarifying question you must answer that solidifies your money message (it’s not what you think…
➡️ Why social ‘likes’ (alone) don’t create buyers, but here’s what does (and most overlook this simple perspective)

If you two are needing to redefine your money message, then get into this episode asap to start getting more clarity and connecting the dots.

The NEW #2 (delete the 5 pillar process/ 5 day challenge option)
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