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Ep.63 The WRONG business model had me on BEDREST!

When I first built my staffing firm I thought it was amazing because (well, it paid my way through college for starters) But as my seasons in life changed, my business model remained the same.
The BIG issue with that is that my business appetite changed- I wasn’t as willing to do the things I used to do when I first started the business.

My capacity changed.

My appetite for business changed.

The thing that used to be a blessing started feeling like a burden.

But the burden part happened after we got married.

My sweet husband had to walk me through that dark season.

It became so bad that I was on bedrest.

I was burned out.

I wasn’t scaling the business, I was just sustaining it.

It was painful.

I was ready to throw in the towel.

I didn’t have a plan B and I didn’t care too much either.

But after answering some deep emotional questions, I realized this:

It wasn’t the business that I detested, it was the business model.

If you’re seeking to scale and needing insight on next steps, take a listen to this episode.

In episode 63 we’re sharing how:

➡️ To know if  it’s time to  change your business model in order to scale

➡️ One simple question that exposes if you’re working too hard (This one is an eye-opener)

➡️ We smoothly transitioned models by doing the opposite of what most coaches recommend (it has worked beautifully for us!)

We’ve shared some pretty intimate details of a breakthrough conversation that I will never forget. Hope this helps you on your journey!

If so, be sure to share your takeaways in your IG stories and @ us at Marriedpreneur Life and we’ll be sure to shout you out!