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Ep. 62: We’re Just Here For The Comments👀: Why Your Would-be Tribe Is Clueless About You

I’m just here for the comments.

We can all agree that the internet has no. chill.

It’s difficult to go 24 hours without seeing a funny or controversial meme.

Between babies, pets, and crying athletes there’s no shortage of comic relief.

The only thing funnier online than the posts themselves are the comments.

The first time I read a comment that said ‘I’m only here for the comments’, I knew there was something deeper to give attention to.

As we started going through our own posts on social media we began looking at those same traits that sparked high engagements. Because let’s admit it, it feels really good when people talk back to us on our various platforms…(so long as it’s positive…lol).

Sway and I used to observe ( dare I say study) what kinds of posts would get high engagement and how others got people talking back to them.

If engagement is important in the physical real-world communication then it’s likewise important in the virtual world too!
If you’re struggling with getting your message to resonate with your tribe and sometimes you feel as if you’re talking to crickets, be sure to take a listen to episode #62. It will change your approach and your ROI…trust.

In episode #62 of the Marriedprenuer Life podcast We’re covering:
➡️ How your engagement impacts your rate of sale (that’s such a thing)
➡️ Visuals matter (the saying, ‘man looks at the outward appearance’ applies here too) We’re sharing our strategy to stand out without needing a massive following in order to monetize.
➡️ How to post about your business, without posting about your business (yes, it’s a thing and it’s gonna rock your world)

These points are essential to your business growth as you two navigate the maze of entrepreneurship.

After years of posting ‘struggle’ content that barely got any engagement, we knew something had to change …that’s when we took a deep dive to get the skills (which we’re still experimenting with) but we want to take you guys on for the journey… you ready?

If you guys have been producing ‘struggle’ posts and your engagement is down, it’s likely a symptom of a deeper issue. It’s a sign that although you may KNOW what your market needs, you may not be sharing what they WANT (which is what they invest in). If this is you and you want us to help you scale your income and impact, apply to work with us. Get a strategy call here>>