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Ep.61: How We Landed Our First Client Together

After being fired from the bank, we were thrusted into full-time entrepreneurship and it wasn’t a walk in the park. 

There were some common perils to either not getting in touch with or losing touch with our dream client, but at THAT time, we were just trying to replace the lost income. 

Looking back though, there were  4 main questions we asked ourselves in order to land that first.

This is rarely a one time process of defining.  The reality is that markets can shift and they often do.  To be clear, it’s often the way the market seeks their desires that can shift your messaging.

Here’s what we’re covering in ep. 61 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:

➡️ Where to start if you’re in the process of defining or redefining your dream client (it’s not as obvious as you think- most do it backward)

➡️ How to handle your lowest hanging fruit if it isn’t a part of your BIG dream- ie teaching entrepreneurship to 8th graders wasn’t a part of our long term goal, but it served a purpose in launching us

➡️ How to craft messaging for your market that actually resonates even if you’re switching markets

Although we had a ball teaching entrepreneurship together, today, we were happier serving our dream clients as we continued redefining who they are! 

In the new episode #61 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast we’re sharing the same  4 questions we use for defining and redefining your dream client on your way to your next contract.

As you two build continue to revisit these questions.

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