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Ep. 60: Quarterly Debriefs Saved Our Marriage

It got to the point where we were just TIRED of being disappointed.

WE’d set clear goals at the beginning of the year and then…life

We’d look up and by the time the year ended we were nowhere where we knew we COULD be.

We had to take control over our potential. 

We kept falling and failing.

So we did something pretty drastic.

We went ALL in on investing in personal development in sharpening the skills that would be the difference-maker between our sustainability and pop-up success.

We needed a system.

A real one that would bring real results.

We started working with PD greats like Michael Hyatt, Alex Charfen, James Friel to name a few and then put our own twist on it for married entrepreneurs.

Slowly but surely, things started changing for us. 

One of the BIGGEST contributors to our growth is our Quarterly check-ins. If you’ve never done these or just need a fresh take on best practices, episode 60 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast was recorded with you in mind!

We’re sharing:

➡️ How a quarterly marriedpreneur check-in can increase your earnings

➡️ The biggest false belief that keeps couples stuck and not implementing

➡️ A simple question to ask during your check-in that will protect your time, increase your date nights and give you more space to do what you love

This episode is right on time because every time we do our quarterly sessions it just gets sweeter and sweeter!

Can’t wait for you guys to take a listen to this one and see how you implement at least ONE of the steps we share. 

➡️If you guys are needing an overall strategy to increase profits while having an epic marriage, apply to work with us at: