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Ep. 59: 3 Secrets To Instantly Adding Value To Your Tribe

We all are pretty aware that one of the most simple ways to engage and ascend your tribe is by leading in with ‘value’.

What if the goal was to over-deliver in value..every time?

What if delivering value was a lot simpler than we’ve made it out to be?

Is that even possible?

Is that doing too much?

Can you afford to constantly give value for free?

Some fear giving away so much free because they think there will be nothing left to sell.

We think differently.

There are many ways to give real value that often go unnoticed.

When you’re not aware, there are missed opportunities (and we don’t want that for you two!)

So, in episode #59 we’re sharing 3 quick tips to instantly add more value by doing these 3 value secrets, You’ll learn:

➡️ Why being authentically you with your market serves them way better than you probably even know…

➡️ How to level the playing field. A simple (free) way to constantly stand out as the go-to even if there are others more ‘talented’.

➡️ How to create an unbreakable bond and engage the imagination of your market for years to come

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