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Ep. 57 God Became An After-thought…And We Didn’t Even Know It…

As we sat in the audience listening to the financial wins and strategies of the speakers we were told to do whatever it takes for however long to reach our money goal.

We bought into it.

It sounded noble.

It sounded right.

Until our plan clashed with our gut.

We started to realize subtle changes in how we made decisions.

We no longer talked about what God would want, but it started to become about what we wanted and our goals.

Our definition of success changed.

Our hearts changed…and we didn’t even know it.

We hit a wall when we were challenged to take one day of rest a week from our Hebrew studies teacher (ironic how in the midst of this we were still trying to learn more about the ancient truths of the Bible..but our hearts were far from it)

That ONE challenge challenged everything we started to stand for. It brought so much light to the hidden idols of our hearts that we didn’t even realize we drifted as far as we did.

In this episode, we’re sharing:

  • How we’re balancing pursuing our 2 Comma Award and still trusting God along the journey
  • One not-so-obvious sign that screams  God is an afterthought in your business (and how to instantly fix it)
  • Our daily prayer/habit that helps re-align us with true success

As always, this particular episode is gold (IMHO). The main reasons we do what we do is locked up in this episode.

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