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Ep. 56 The Truth About Serving vs. Selling

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we can often feel stuck between SELLING OR SERVING. This mostly comes from our personal beliefs, what we’ve been indoctrinated with, our money mindset, our overall mission, faulty teaching (or not) just to name a few.

Although we share an overall similar view on selling vs. serving, we have slightly different views about them and we’re sharing unscripted and transparently in this episode…so hold on!

If you two have been struggling with increasing the sales and the best way to do it without feeling like you’re being left with the short end of the stick…take a listen!

Here’s what you’re gonna learn in this episode about selling through serving:

1) How it distinguishes with your market and how to create genuine excitement that is contagious and transferable.

2) How it monetizes your brand by becoming a resource rather than just a ‘store’

3) How to build trust and create raving fans through this sales technique (even when it feels like there’s a dip, you’re still winning!)

We’ve been incorporating more and more of these strategies recently and it has TRANSFORMED our closing rates, our impact, and our confidence!

It’s a game changer!

If you want to learn how to infuse more effective sales in your marketing strategy we invite you to apply to work with us, over at