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Ep. 55: Stop Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket!!

Yesterday for many entrepreneurs the world stood still, not literally but just their world.

Those who have put ALL of their eggs into the ONE basket of social media for lead gen, business transactions and onboarding really felt the pain.

For some of us others, we barely noticed the issue until it was nearly over but business kept going!

Today in episode 55 we’re talking about having a sustainable marketing plan that stands the test of time.

You’ll hear about:

Our different multiple 6-figure business models, a few in which have NO social media involved…at all. A quick way to get massive exposure offline for free One of the easiest ways to stay relevant, make money and grow your list (when used properly- but it’s still effective even when it’s raggedy).

This, you DON’T want to miss if you guys are in scale mode or all-online mode (which is a no-no) for smart marriedpreneurs.

Can’t wait to have you join the convo!

What tweaks will you be making next? (i.e. a report stated that FB expects for there to be more ‘blackouts’ in the future sooooo….

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