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Ep. 49: How & WHY You Need To Forgive Each Other QUICKLY!!

We shared in our last email about our travel shenanigans this week (missed flights, wrong itinerary dates, misplaced wallets just to start…)

Well, since Tuesday we’ve had time to reflect on how shocked we were that even with all that pressure, we didn’t start ‘beefin’ and finger-pointing. We sat in our hotel bed last night and really thought about WHY that was (in the past it definitely would not have gone down as smoothly as it did…growth is a beautiful thing).

So, we recorded Ep. 49 from our hotel bed last night because what we discovered is too good not to share it with our marriedpreneur fam!

In this episode you’re gonna learn: How to forgive each other QUICKLY (even when you have a ‘right’ to be angry) Why your response in heated moments is a deal breaker for bigger doors (pass the test with this method…every time) The REAL role your vision plays in how your response to frustrating situations. As always, this one is a keeper!

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