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Ep. 44: Why Your Inner Circle Matters & 3 Questions To Ask Yourself as Married Entrepreneurs

When it comes to positioning your business to win, who you have in your corner can accelerate or delay your growth.

This past week we’ve been in a deep dive with some of the greatest minds in marketing. Our team is expanding (and quite frankly so should yours).

Business growth becomes stagnant when we don’t have the right mindsets surrounding up. You’ve got to be intentional about this thing. No more passively allowing mediocre at best relationships develop around you.

If you’re unsure of if you need to up-level your inner-circle or not, check out this episode of The Marriedpreneurl Life podcast. Today we’re sharing three simple questions to ask yourself. How you respond to these questions determines your next steps. We’re rooting for you two!

Here’s to living powerfully in sync & profit!

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