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Ep. 43: We’re FINALLY Doing It!! A BOLD Move for Quantum Growth


Fear is a ‘funny’ thing.
A few weeks ago we registered for the One Funnel Away Challenge with Russell Brunson.
Although we’re already a part of his Two Comma coaching program, we decided to take on the 30-day challenge! (like we need any more challenges though..right? LOL)
It started off really smooth since we’ve gotten acquainted with monetizing funnels and what goes into making them work for virtually any business.
However, what we DIDN’T expect was to be challenged with ANOTHER challenge of publishing DAILY for the next 365 days on the platform of our choice.
It was on day 8 of the challenge and we heard the news and paused. (in that second we didn’t even make eye contact- I’m sure we were trying to think of a REAL reason why this just wasn’t an option for us…)
I broke the silence and said..’welp… what are we gonna do husband?”
He just looked away with big eyes as he held his breath.
(I chuckled on the inside).
We knew we had a choice to make and the choice was hard… (kinda).
It was hard because we were confronted with an opportunity to level up and we knew it would be uncomfortable. (just not this uncomfortable)
It was easy because, that’s EXACTLY why we took the challenge in the FIRST place- to be CHALLENGED!
So, we are declaring and announcing for the WORLD to hear that we will be publishing 365 days straight (crosses fingers and prays*) on Medium.
Today is officially Day ONE of 365 for us (insert deeeeeep breath and nervous smile while inwardly wishing Medium crashes when we need to take a break).
In all seriousness, we’re actually being VERY strategic in WHY we’re announcing this to the world on this episode (#43) of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast.
If you two are wanting to grow in ANY area (and I’m sure you do), call .your. Shot!
There are some golden takeaways in this episode ya’ll
Here’s what you’ll learn:
How to identify fear (and make it your slave)
How to discern between overload vs. being stretched (they feel the similar but yield opposite results)
Get the hidden benefits of announcing your intentions to others (the role it plays in your success is shocking)
This episode is a goodie ya’ll (I know I said that about the last one but I mean it this time too!)

If you two are seeking to uplevel your strategies and ROI while working together, apply for one of the two remaining spots for our FREE ASSESSMENT + STRATEGY  👉👉 HERE 👈👈 Doors are closing TODAY!


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