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Ep. 42: What to do when you disagree on a business decision (and tweaks for attracting your dream client)

What do you do when you and your spouse don’t agree on a business decision? 😕👀

In episode #42 of The Marriedprenuer Life Podcast, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our journey to working with our ‘dream client’ and how we are still working through our differences as we redefine our market. As always, we’re bringing value that’s worth its weight in gold for marriedpreneurs who are ready to uplevel their efficiency and speed.

Here’s what we’re sharing:

📣Signs (that you should be aware of) that indicate when you’re on the right path to connecting with your dream market. (it’s not always what it looks like…we’re sharing the one way to know!)

📣How to bypass the most common messaging mistake marriedpreneurs make (even if only one of you is the marketing brain behind the scenes, you’ll want to STOP doing this!)

📣The simple, yet profitable tweak, that instantly clarifies and aligns you two with who you REALLY want to work with. (it also saves a bunch of unnecessary effort and headaches- because we know not all customers are created equal). There’s so much goodness in this one episode- we can’t wait for you to dive in!

If you two are seeking to uplevel your strategies and ROI while working together, apply for one of the two remaining spots for our FREE ASSESSMENT + STRATEGY  👉👉 HERE 👈👈 Doors closed Jan 31st!