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Ep. 40: THREE Hard Lessons From The Richest Man’s Divorce (it’s not what you think)

It’s been all over the news and literally, everyone has their opinion to share. When we heard it ourselves we were devastated. You don’t have to KNOW a person/family in order to FEEL for them…

We heard the news about the richest man in the world (to date) and not to mention the quintessential marriepdreneur family announced their divorce. When we heard about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ breakup, our hearts sank…yet another marriage, that appeared to have it all- simply didn’t.

We would be foolish to miss the learning opportunities. Although we don’t have all of the details, and we don’t want them, there are some RICH nuggets to be drawn out of this devastating outcome.

On episode 40 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re sharing the top 3 lessons we can learn from the Bezos family. We’re highlighting:

  • How NOT to take each other for granted.
  • How not to get so consumed with winning in business that you lose the real thing that matters
  • One of the MAIN areas lacking in most married entrepreneur homes. (It isn’t what you think)

BONUS: Each of these is something you can start focusing on TODAY, that will SHIFT your marriage and business!

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Image credits: US Weekly