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Ep. 35: Behind the Scenes of The Marriedpreneur Method: Step 4 Roles

Aligning roles with your super powers creates more momentum and money. This is step 4 of the Marriedpreneur Method. Too often married entrepreneurs find themselves in a cycle of frustration and don’t realize the hole exists because they are not properly aligned. Properly aligned doesn’t mean that you always FEEL like doing what’s needed of you BUT you activate enough of your super powers to stay moving forward (in a way that is enjoyable and PROFITABLE)! Aligning roles plays a HUGE part in all of this and more! Come listen and take away simple steps to help you and your spouse move forward!

You can go deeper in our Marriedpreneur Method by downloading our free training download here.


Ep220 The 4 Part Pathway

On this episode of the Marriedpreneur life, we share nuggets from a coaching call we had earlier in the week that we think will really