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Ep. 32: Behind The Scenes of The Marriedpreneur Method: Step 1- Vision

Most marriedpreneurs skip this first CRITICAL step that ALL other problems stem from. Many believe that having a vision for the business alone will steer the marriage in the right direction.

In fact, that alone will yield the exact OPPOSITE outcome that you’re working for! In this episode of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing how to incorporate a blended vision of your marriage and business into ONE! This is what we call the marriedpreneur vision. If you’re married and one of you is in business and you’re living without a legit marriedpreneur vision, then you’ve got a big hole in your structure! Solid communication, roles, goals and so much more come from having a simple marriedpreneur vision. We’re sharing all about it this week!

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S3 Ep 16 : The Worry Remedy

Anxiety and fear is a part of the human walk of life and we as marriedpreneurs are not immune to such feelings. In this episode