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Ep. 20: How To Challenge/Hold Your Spouse Accountable To Their Potential Without Having A Misunderstanding

There are times in a marriage when you KNOW there’s more inside of your spouse and you may feel a little stuck with how to go about holding him/her at a higher level of accountability WITHOUT it turning into a disagreement or misunderstanding. You are your spouse’s greatest cheerleader and part of that job description is to call them out (in love) when you know they are shrinking back in fear or hesitation. But, let’s be honest. That isn’t always the easiest and most received kind of feedback. We’ve got a hack for that! We’re sharing out two-step ‘Level-Up’ Process that we use with each other whenever we feel the other person is taking a backseat to their purpose and covering up with excuses. Check out the steps here in this episode!

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