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Ep. 185: The growth, 2021 Marriedpreneur Checklist

In the first episode of the year, we’re releasing a brand new opportunity to grow WITH you and your family throughout the year. We’re clearly committed to seeing you grow and position yourselves for an even greater impact this year.

We’ve created an amazing resource that we WISH we had when we were launching out. We needed a map and mentors. So, we’ve got BOTH and we’re ready to trek with you all year. Your comprehensive Marriedpreneur Checklist for the year will be an excellent resource for married entrepreneurs who are wanting a simple way to streamline ideas, actions, and results all while keeping marriage as a priority. In addition to this, we share in this episode how this checklist can serve as a guide for the year and we share how we will be helping you two with accountability and insight to stay on moving forward all year long. (Yup, you heard right…)

But there’s more!

Here are the other areas we’re covering in episode 185:

📝 The 4 Stages Of Growth (so you can know what to expect on this journey)
📝Why tracking is vital to legacy-building (and a simple way to do it)
📝A quick strategy on how to implement your legacy meetings

By the time you complete this episode, you will clearly see we did NOT come to play around. We mean business about your business.

We’re excited to be back with you. Here’s what’s new:

This segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. For your convenience, the implementation exercises are below:
Take a (re) listen to these episodes to set a solid foundation: #136 titled ‘Our Last Episode and F.E.S.P.’ #184 titled, “The 3 Must-Have Calendars For Marriedpreneurs”
Start (or continue) your Legacy meetings by reviewing your 3 wins for the day together. Commit to a time and start tomorrow (not today), we share what’s inside this episode.

We want to hear how this episode has helped you guys! Let us know over on Instagram. Just tag us in your stories @marriedpreneurlife to be sure we see it so we can reply!

Grab your free copy of the Ultimate Marriedpreneur Checklist over at We will serve as your virtual marriedpreneur mentors and strategists throughout the year by offering Quarterly check-ins via this podcast! Then, be sure to join us in our amazing Facebook community where we keep the convos going by answering questions and challenging you all to get super aligned to experience the results you’ve always wanted. The name of the group is Marriage + Entrepreneurship. Can’t wait to meet you inside!

We will also serve as your virtual marriedpreneur strategists throughout the year by doing  Quarterly accountability check-ins via this podcast! You’ll also be able to keep the convo going over in our amazing Marriage + Entrepreneurship Facebook community where you’ll be challenged to stay super aligned to experience the results you’ve always wanted. (Y’all ready for all of this amazingness to rock your world?)

We want to hear how this episode has helped you! Let us know over on Instagram at @MarriedpreneurLife. Just screenshot from your device and tag us in your stories to be sure we see it so we can reply! We love to hear your takeaways.

Lastly, if the content in this episode is super helpful for you be sure to give us a 5-star rating and review (this way more couples will be reached and impacted by your 2 cents!)
Thank you in advance!

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway


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