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Ep 180: How to Transition

We initially were going to call this how to transition from spousal-preneurs to couple-preneurs, but then we realized this insight will also be valuable in other areas of transition as well. Our transition into full-time ‘couple-preneurship’ was anything but smooth. We constantly found ourselves tripping over our own awkwardness while trying to find our voice and make a consistent profit.
There’s something that we wish we understood sooner that we want to share with you today

As we’ve looked back on those years, we can recall how important building the right bridges were BEFORE we needed to use them. In this episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes of what it really looked like starting with just an idea and transitioning into a full-fledged business…together.

Here’s what you’ll learn in episode 180:
📝 The 3 bridges you’d want to build before you exit (as well as the ones you must nurture too)
📝 Real-life examples of HOW to build these strategic bridges
📝How to know the difference between having peace to make a decision vs. relying on your confidence to make a pivotal decision

This is only a snippet of what’s covered in this episode. Wherever you two are on your journey, there are gold nuggets to put into place right away!

Be inspired to keep going!

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway

P.S. If you’re needing clarity in why you may not be making the progress you’d hope for, check out our free Systems Assessment. You two will walk away with laser clarity, a real plan for the next steps, and excitement to move forward! Check it out at