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Ep. 18: How To I.D. Gifts in Marriage (and why you NEED to for next level growth)

You can’t appreciate what you don’t understand!!

I remember when we would get so irritated with each other over B A S I C stuff. It was stuff like, how the other person did something, WHY we did it that way and why not do it a different way, etc. (it was a mess!) Most of this comes down to understanding (and appreciating) each other’s gifts.

Tapping into each other’s gifts is the gateway to appreciating HOW our spouse functions. It isn’t too difficult to learn what your spouse’s gifts are. In fact, we are ALL pretty aware of the obvious ones well before we even get married- usually, it’s their gifts that attract us to one another in the FIRST place!

However, sometimes we overlook the most powerful gifts we have in our marriage and end up paying for it in (unnecessary) headaches and wasted time. We’d like to share with you how what litmus test we use to I.D. our own gifts and tap into our spouse’s gifts. #Issa game changer! When we start understanding the importance of your spouse’s gifts in your marriage AND business, it’s easier to start celebrating those differences and walk as the power couple you were destined to be.

The REAL power is in agreement.

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