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Ep. 179: 7 Reasons Your Spouse Hates Your Business

We don’t tell this story often, but we almost didn’t get married because the business became the focal point of our relationship. It took time, re-adjusting, and grace to finally ‘jump the broom’.

There were subtle issues that kept coming up about the business that wasn’t addressed until they HAD to be. So, they simmered for a while before dealing with them. If we dealt with this in the early years pre-marriage then we can only imagine what kind of emotional tug-of-war is happening within marriages who are just confronting this messy side of business-building. We understand and we’re here to help!

If you are a spousal-preneur, indie-preneur or couple-preneur who is dealing with strain in marriage (from the business especially) then this is for you.

Here’s what we’re covering in episode 179:

📝 The exact questions to ask to bring harmony back (even when there is already a strain on the marriage)
📝 Specific examples of fun activities for non-business convos for date-nights
📝The one question to ask each morning that will help with accountability and show the effort in keeping your marriage as the priority

After listening to this episode, you’ll walk away with practical strategies to remedy business-induced marriage issues for years to come! You’ll also know what to look out for too should you ever encounter this issue in the future.

We’re rooting for you guys!!

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway

P.S. If you two are seeking systems to protect your marriage while scaling the business, apply to work with us by starting with our free Systems Assessment. You’ll get exact action steps to take now for amazing results! Check it out at


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