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Ep. 174: Phase 3: Enterprising Movement Makers

If you’ve missed any of the last 3 episodes, be sure to check them out first.

Enterprising Movement Makers is the 3rd phase of the Marriedpreneurship phaseology!

At this point in the process, you two have enough experience under your belt to accelerate and increase your visibility. The goal as marriedpreneurs, in our opinion, should always be to turn your message into a movement that impacts lives and increases your income along the journey.

The primary focus of using your voice on your OWN platform is one of the main steps many overlook ( or fall off the consistency wagon after getting started). Consistency is not the only KEY but it also cuts through the noise!

In this week’s episode of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. 

We’re sharing:
📝 The key ways the Enterprising Movement Makers can self-identify.
📝 What mile markers and actions are needed for this next phase
📝The common pitfalls  Enterprising Movement Makers should avoid at all costs.

This episode is FULL of practical steps and examples you guys can implement right away in your process. We hope you find it helpful and insightful!
Keep going!


Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway

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