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Ep. 171: Implementing Phaseology

One of the most clarifying strategies we’ve implemented recently is ‘Phaseology’ (as we like to call it).

For us, it will be used as a powerful tool to help other marriedpreneurs to self-identify which phase they are in and where they are going next. Not only does each phase speak to where they are but it also gives mile markers for their next steps in order to see real progress.

Believe it or not, not many coaches that we’ve worked with have always had this BUT the ones who do, make it so much easier for us to excel in our learning,

So, we want to be sure all of our marriedpreneurs, regardless of what type of marriedpreneur and regardless of your industry, we will want to incorporate it into your process.

In episode #171 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. We’re sharing about:

📝How to easily implement ‘Phaseology’ into your business messaging
📝How to extend the customer journey through phasing your market
📝What the 3 phases of Marriedpreneurship are.

This episode is  FULL of practical steps and examples you guys can implement right away. We’re here to see you win and can’t wait to hear about your results!

Keep going!


Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway
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