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Ep. 165- Pricing in A Pandemic

We were deceived and didn’t even realize it until this moment. 

We were at a coaching event and doing some goal setting with a small group of entrepreneurs. Some were seasoned while others were pretty new to this training and coaching industry. 

I remember the coach asked each of us our money goals from our next retreat or business to write them on the board. Before she came to our table we intensely chatted among each other to figure number out…was it too low? Too high? We didn’t know but we thought we were doing pretty good since this was a goal that we had never met. It would have been a total blessing for our family. It was a stretch but we still were unsure how we fared with the others in the room.

When she got to our table which was on the last tables, we shared our number with the class and she paused slightly but kept going (as if she didn’t pause). We finally were able to see everyone’s numbers on the board. Sure enough, ours was the lowest goal by far. I wondered immediately what were we missing when we knew our results and experience could match most of the people in that room…but our confidence was a different matter. 

Our mindset was off and the coach didn’t correct us. Maybe she didn’t want to take the time to give us pushback? Maybe she was tired? Maybe she thought it wasn’t worth it if we ourselves weren’t convinced of our own value….not really sure. But I’ll never forget it. 

This is why we’re talking about pricing in a pandemic. In this week’s episode of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. We’re sharing about:

📝How to have the proper mindset around pricing (even in a pandemic).
📝The real root cause of wanting to lower pricing during the pandemic and how to address it.
📝Positioning yourself to accommodate your value and still serve at the highest level 

This episode is  FULL of practical steps and examples you guys can implement today. We’re here to see you win and can’t wait to hear about your results!

Keep going!


Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway


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