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Ep. 160: Just because you pivot, doesn’t mean it’s NOT purpose

It was years before it clicked for us…

Years of conferences, coaching, and trial and error. 

Even though we had an idea of who we wanted to help, we fumbled around on trying to get CLEAR about HOW to help them. You see, there were TONS of pivots on our path before arriving where we are now. (And we have no doubt that there will be more turns in the future). Some would say that when you pivot you’re admitting failure. 

It ISN’T failure at all.  

The truth is, pivoting is NECESSARY as you grow. 

In this week’s episode of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing about:

📝How clarity comes through resistance
📝How to mentally prepare for cracks in the foundation (it lifts a HUGE weight when done right)
📝How to anticipate change in business without being emotionally drained

This episode allowed us to share some stories and real facts that many don’t speak about, but if you don’t know about it, you’ll constantly compare your path to theirs not realizing theirs is just as full of ups and downs as yours. Be encouraged fam.

Keep going.


Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,

If you find this episode helpful, be sure to connect with us over on IG @marriedpreneurLife and LET US KNOW! (tag us in the stories)