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Ep. 157: When anger turns toxic: signs + solutions

In the light of murder of George Floyd…
If you’ve felt even a hint of anger these last few days/ weeks of protest for justice, you would be justified.
We’ve had pretty transparent conversations these past few days around the Buckley home about our feelings and experiences around racial inequalities throughout life. We got raw and vulnerable. Anger in itself isn’t bad. But, to be totally honest, we realized there are wounds there that needed to be worked through.

However, one thing that we’ve kept at the forefront is not allowing the anger to become toxic anger.

In hopes that this will help and bring tools to heal, we’re sharing our raw process and things like

📝Signs your anger may be toxic (and why you need to know when it turns)
📝Solutions on how to work through feelings of anger
📝Questions to ask one another (or your African-American friends)
📝The importance of a husband’s vulnerability

We’ve never taken on a topic like this on the podcast, but it would be irresponsible to carry on without addressing it. So, this episode is really to help other couples address, cope and heal.

We’re hoping you guys find it helpful.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,
OL + Sway