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Ep. 156: How we landed our brand sponsor

In preparation for our first Summit we pitched multiple brands for sponsorship. They told us ‘No’ until we finally got a ‘Yes’.

But it didn’t come without clear systems, leading with value and PERSISTENCE!

In today’s podcast episode, we’re spilling the beans about how we landed our title brand sponsor, what that meant for us, and now what that means for you!

Today, on episode #156 of the Marrieprener Life podcast, Carrie of Box N’ Branded is our super special guest and brand sponsor!

We’re sharing ALL the things like
📝 Why she gave us a YES
📝What VALUE looks like to HER
📝How we positioned ourselves prior to the pitch
📝How we met, and the specific things we did to nurture our relationship
📝 And so much more

We’re also putting together our super powerful (yet easy) scripts and method of how we now have other brands who want to partner with us for future endeavors! We’re releasing this to our Love and Launch Tribe soon. If you’re interested in learning how to be a part, be sure to register for our free Love and Launch Masterclass tonight! We’ll also be sharing 3 key strategies to launching an online business in 30 days or less as marriedpreneurs (even if you’re launching separate businesses!)

Come get free access to the masterclass at (depending on when you listen to this)

We’re rooting for you two!!

Learn more about Carrie at Carrie at

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,