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Ep. 152: 4 Steps To Profitable Biz Partnerships (at any level)

Today’s show is about creating profitable partnerships and the 4 easy steps to create them even if you’re just launching a business together. From sponsorships, joint ventures, collaborations, etc. they ALL are a POWERFUL types of business partnerships. But here’s the thing guys, there are so many false beliefs around creating these powerful partnerships. 

For example:
Maybe you’re thinking this: “We need proof of past partnerships in order to get new partnerships.”
Or maybe you’re thinking this: “Other brands will think we’re too small (small audience) to partner with us.”
And many marriedpreneurs believe this: “Our brand is too niche…” Translation: too narrow.


Here’s the truth, none of that is TRUE!

We’re breaking myths and building new beliefs around the simplicity of building profitable biz partnerships today. We’ll ALSO be covering what this can look like as far as ‘roles’ are concerned too because we understand when introducing anything new it can very well impact  the implementation of your roles in business and marriage….all of this coming up in this episode of the  Marriedpreneur Life podcast.


What you’ll learn:
📝Know what to say/do to stand out to your future partners/collaborators
📝How to add value to those you’ve never met (but want to!)
📝What NOT to say in your convos with future partners/collaborators
📝The difference in conversation between influencers vs. corporations (it’s slight but major)

This episode if FULL of real-time strategies that we’ve used for years partnering with corporations and now influencers for our upcoming *free* Love and Launch Marriedprenuers Summit. Register for it here:

Be sure to screenshot this episode and tag us on IG @MarriedpreneurLife


Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,

OL + Sway