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Ep. 144: The Syncing System

A few weeks ago we ran a survey in our FB group (Marriage +Entrepreneurship)
We tend to answer and share strategies on all things Marriage, Marketplace and Ministry but we knew in order to clarify our messaging it was going be vital to streamline the focus.
The survey was shockingly clear.

The majority of couples asked us to teach more on ‘staying on the same page’ in business.
This definitely wasn’t what we expected to be the MAIN desire yet here we are.
Over the next few episodes we’re diving deep into our Syncing System for Marriedpreneurs.

In this episode we’re discussing:
📝The 3 P’s of syncing
📝The importance of the ORDER of syncing (there are levels to this thing!)

HIGHLIGHT Takeaways:
🎯When you’re purpose is clear, you can go lightning fast
🎯When your wealth roles are defined, productivity and syncing is always the outcome
🎯Profitability applies to marriage AND business and follows an easy path when the right foundation is laid.

We can’t wait to walk you through this overview of our syncing system and the upcoming episodes! Want us to teach you how to do it LIVE! Come to one of our tour stops to get a clear blueprint of how YOU two are called to build it together!!

We hope you find the content helpful as well as the practical steps we shared for each takeaway! Be sure to stay connected and share your AHA’s also over on IG @marriedpreneurlife

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,