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Ep. 143: The 3 P’s Of Husbandhood

This week you are getting a b-t-s snippet of liquid gold conversation around manhood, the misperception of it today, AND how this impacts marriages AND marriedpreneurs.

O.L. gets pretty vulnerable in his response to the question asked by our marriedpreneur clients.

In this episode he’s discussing:
📝The husband as the Provider (and what that REALLY means)
📝The husband  as the Protector of the home
📝The husband as the Priest of the home

HIGHLIGHT Takeaways:
🎯The hidden P that’s been fighting man since the FIRST man (and how to win)
🎯The importance of NOT chasing money (and WHY)
🎯The different kinds of protection every husband is responsible for concerning his wife and family.

This episode is quite revealing and (with the permission of our clients) we all wanted to share the incredible wisdom that was shared!

Take a listen, grab a pen and paper, and then come meet us live in Dallas at Marriedpreneur LIVE!

We hope you find the content helpful as well as the practical steps we shared for each takeaway! Be sure to stay connected and share your AHA’s  also over on IG @marriedpreneurlife 

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync,