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Ep. 140: Are you TILING or TOILING?

Even the most committed marriedpreneurs can find themselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worried and constantly exhausted.
Here’s the thing, there’s a better way.
All of the aforementioned are signs of TOILING when we should be TILING (working in and under God’s grace to see accelerated results).


In this episode we’re discussing:
📝The actual meaning of the ‘Tiling’ and ‘Toiling’ and how to watch out for the ‘red flags’
📝Even in a high-pressured industry (such as commercial real estate) there’s STILL a way to till vs. toil

HIGHLIGHT Takeaways:
🎯BOTH you and your spouse need to make the commitment to till-and hold each other accountable.
🎯Run your own race- comparing turns to toiling.
🎯Know your toil triggers and have a plan in place to crush those triggers

Take a listen to find out if you’re tiling or toiling… and don’t even know it. Hear the practical steps to winning in this area even in business.

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Keep living purposefully and profitably in sync and don’t stop enjoying the journey together.