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Ep. 138: The W.U.K. Way

Did you know that a large majority of marriedpreneurs feel that knowledge ALONE is the answer to building a successful ___________________.
Here’s the thing, while knowledge is important, this is a common mistake too many make that is the source for much frustration. On today’s episode, we’re sharing the two other non-negotiable truths that work in harmony with knowledge.
In this episode we’re discussing:
  • 📝The distinct difference between wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and why you should know the differences when building a family empire
  • 📝Clear examples of how to APPLY these truth essentials (because, c’mon, defining is not the same as applying
HIGHLIGHT Takeaways:
  • 🎯There is a DISTINCT order in pursuing solutions to ANY hurdle (the wrong order will cost you time and money)
  • 🎯Overemphasizing any ONE of these three (wisdom, understanding, knowledge) above the other areas will fall short of your expected result
  • 🎯Fulfillment on this marriedpreneur journey requires daily application of wisdom, understanding and knowledge to build your ‘house’
Take a listen to hear all of the practical steps for applying the WUK in every aspect of life.
We hope you find the content helpful as well as the practical steps we shared for each takeaway! Be sure to stay connected, and hit us up in the comments at  and share your takeaways or also over on IG at HERE
Keep enjoying the journey together.