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Ep. 136: The Last Episode & Your FESP

There’s NO way you can be the SAME person you are today at the finish line of your next goal. 

You’ve GOT to change and mature and learn and grow and…

With that being said, we’ve recently mentioned how we’re making substantial changes around these parts. We’re aligning ourselves to be the PRODUCT of what we teach. (that ain’t always easy…)

But here we are… : )

In episode #136 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re not only sharing the 3-step Family Empire Success Planner (which we have ONLY shared with our Mastery VIP clients) we are ALSO sharing why this will be our last episode for a while. Change is necessary and doing something new is always required when you are headed toward a substantial goal. 

We invite you to join in the convo on this last episode and see how our Family Empire Success Planner will uplevel your growth in 2020 and beyond…it’s the reason why we’re stopping the podcast for a while (it will all make sense soon…). We are grateful and hopeful about what awaits!

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,


P.S. As we wrap up this year, have you and your spouse planned your marriage and business together for winning in 2020? Let us know where you are on that journey and how we can help! Enjoy your Holidays with your family and loved ones!