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Ep. 135: Tactics and Tricks Don’t Bring Transformation

We don’t know about you guys, but everywhere we turn it seems like it’s a new ‘trick’ or ‘hack’. Don’t get us wrong. Tactics, tricks AND hacks have their place. But the moment they BECOME the strategy and you lose sight of the transformation you’re called to bring, you miss the point.

It’s REALLY bad this time of year as well!
There are programs to buy, webinars to hop on, strategy calls to schedule and so forth and so on. The thing is, all of it can start to sound like rhetoric after a while. And as pioneers and trail blazers, we were never created to sound like ‘them’ or to follow the next ‘trend’. We were created to make a NEW sound. One that is distinct, authentic and transparent.
We’re taking you behind the curtains in our private convos today as we prepare for the new year. We’ve accomplished a lot in 2019 but more is being required (of all of us). We’ve GOT to feel comfortable being uncomfortable and going the opposite way of where everyone else is headed.
In episode #135, we’re sharing just how we’re doing that in hopes that it will bring a new fire under you two as you get even more clarity on pioneering a path that is waiting for you. Don’t get complacent. Don’t be comfortable with sounding like ‘them’.
Rest in your own voice.
Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.S. Have you two gotten distracted with the shiny objects this year? Or are you so laser clear that there’s NO distracting your progress? If that’s you, we’ve got something special for you on the next few episodes. Let us know how your focus has been this year by hitting reply.