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Ep. 133: What Your PRICING Says About You

Pricing your product or service can be a tricky thing.
We are CONSTANTLY asked this question.
Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your customer, but everything to do with YOU!

How you price your products and services is often a reflection of how you view the value of what you’re offering.
To make matters even trickier, what happens when you and your spouse don’t agree on the pricing structure in your business?👀
Well, in episode #133 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we are sharing how we’ve worked through all things pricing and what was required to get on the SAME page.
It’s a journey, but it’s ALL worth it!
Take a listen!
Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.S. Be encouraged! Have you guys mastered your pricing structure yet? Hit reply and let us know how that’s looking for you!