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Ep. 132: Make Room For What You REALLY desire

I can recall when we were SO burnt out with LIFE that we didn’t even have a clear picture of what we REALLY wanted because we couldn’t see past the situation we were in.

It was BAD!
You KNOW you’re in a bad place when what you DON’T want is clearer than what you DO want. That’s a sign.
By being diligent and sticking with our process, we started to see our way out of that emotional mess. But what awaited was another monster that often stunts the growth of couples in business everywhere. We started getting comfortable with what ONCE please us and no longer challenged what was on our plate.
Was it still nutritious?
Or had it gone stale?
Just because it USED to be good for us doesn’t mean it’s STILL good for us…
That’s what we’re confronting today on episode #132 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast.
We are going down a road less traveled now. Against the grain. It’s a bit frigid out here, but we know in our heart this is the right way to go. If you’ve ever been there, we want to encourage you as we make some pretty drastic changes, all to make room for what we REALLY desire.
Here’s to living powerfully in sync,
OL and Sway

P.S. We hope you find strength for your journey as you come along side ours. Be sure to hit us up on IG or FB at @marriedpreneurlife. Let us know your aha’s and what you guys are building right now. We’re rooting for ya!


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