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Ep. 131: ReCap Marriedpreneur LIVE

Just a few short weeks ago, we embarked on something that even our coaches thought was not in the right marketing ‘flow.’ According to the ‘formula’ we should have already done webinars, challenges and the like before hosting our first event together. But to be transparent, we knew at the beginning of the year, regardless of what didn’t happen, we KNEW we were supposed to do a live event.

The CRAZY part was, EVERY-thing was NEW.

New market.
New state (we knew NO ONE in NJ)
New event
New location
New sponsors…

Shall I continue?
But the MOST amazing thing happened when we went against the grain…
There were breakthroughs after BREAKthroughs, and we were able to play a vital role in seeing it happen! However, at times it felt like everything that COULD go wrong, did (but that wasn’t the truth- it just felt like it at the time). We often hear of the victories, but we want to take you behind the REAL scenes and share the CRAZY obstacles we had to go through so as you two are building your BIG dream, you will know that it IS possible, AND there WILL be hurdles.

It’s a reaallly good episode!

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,
P.S. We hope you find strength for your journey as you come along side ours. Be sure to hit us up on IG or FB at @marriedpreneurlife. Let us know your aha’s and what you guys are building right now. We’re rooting for ya!